Welcome! A variety of literary and arts magazines, on-line and off, have been kind enough to publish Krista’s varied pieces. Her work ranges from politically informed poems and pleas to tender moments revealed by simply being human. She hopes one or more of these published pieces resonates with you.

Here’s What’s New:

The Good Men Project featured Krista’s poem Perpetual Offense in September 2016. The poem strips away the superficial aspect associated with being a “soccer mom.”

And published “Biodome” on Inauguration day 2017.

The Indianola Review Spring 2016 includes Krista’s poem Abed. The print journal can be purchased on-line.

Uut Poetry hosts some of Krista’s more adventurous work!

  • Unjammed is a stream of consciousness poem that was written as an ekphrastic challenge. Uut Poetry published it March 2016.
  • Wild er ness is included in Uut Poetry’s January 2016 compilation. Uut is an interesting journal that pairs the written word with a visual art piece.

New Verse News published

Sometimes less is more. Two of Krista’s short little works are featured in

Right Hand Pointing Magazine Issue #80.

Shot Glass Journal features concise, impactful poetry. Krista has been published here twice.

Krista’s writing is influenced by trips both taken and not taken. Some of her work has flown and nested at The Literary Bohemian:

How could one be a middle-aged woman and parent of three growing boys and not write about the adventure? Tribeca Poetry Review, Literary Mama, Mamalode, Indiana Voice, Cactus Heart and Brain, Child-Brain, Mother have included Krista’s pieces.

When content leads form the result can be unexpected. Shuf Poetry Issue 6 hosts two of Krista’s poems;

Krista spends much of her time outdoors running, hiking, and digging up the dirt in the Shenandoah Valley and surrounding mountains. The Piedmont Virginian, a regional magazine, featured three of Krista’s poems in the  Autumn 2014 issue: 

  • Community Garden at Blandy: Thanksgiving Day
  • Palinopsia
  • Piedmont

The Rain, Party and Disaster Society Magazinemight be Krista’s magazine soul mate.  RP&D has been kind enough to publish several of Krista’s poems that showcase the range of her writing from politically informed pieces to stories that tap tender emotions. The magazine nominated her poem “Frank” for a Pushcart Prize.

Unfortunately, The Screech Owl Literary Magazine, which creatively paired poems with visual art, had to close its cover. The magazine had a good run and included several of Krista’s poems.  The site was not archived, but links to a few of Krista’s poems live on via The Screech Owl‘s Facebook page. Meantime, Krista hopes to find new homes for:

Krista’s poem

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