Fiction and Short Stories

YES WE CAN!!! is a satirical piece prompted by a news story that an Alabama school is stockpiling canned food to throw at intruders. It is included in the May 2015 issue of The Satirist. It is a faux letter written to parents by a principal.

West Wing Memorandum (pg. 21, Vol. II, Issue III February 2015 RP&D)  is a romp through a day with a POTUS who is coping in his own way with the intense expectations and experiences foisted upon the very human human being who has the courage to step up to the plate. The Rain, Party and Disaster Society has been home to many of Krista’s pieces.

There’s a fine line between being alone and loneliness, careful observation and obsessive spying, being at a home and being “at home,” feeling part of a community and parting a community, motherhood and hiding behind the hood of being a mother. Krista’s story Church of the Latter Day Sane explores boundaries through the liminality provided by a window pane. This piece is a web exclusive in Brain,Child Magazine February 2015.

Gravel: A Literary Journal , which is put together by the good folks at University of Arkansas at Monticello, features two of Krista’s stories in the February 2015 issue:

Gargoyle takes you into the life of a new guy in the yard. It’s a magical story about the tension of living with untethered chains, longing, and simple joy

Saved is about what’s lost and found when a woman picks up trash in her neighborhood.  With discovery, there is loss.

How Hobbes Got Away with Killing the Head of the Neighborhood Watch shows how the mundane quickly morphs into the philosophical. The watcher is watched. The powerful is rendered powerless all with the wave of a dangling magnet as told in a wee little micro fiction piece included in the September 2015 issue of The Rain, Party and Disaster Society.

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