New Stuff!

A Bird on His Hand: How We Give Meaning was published in Motherwell Magazine Sept. 2022. There’s much captured in this short piece including the challenges of parenting, understanding survival and coming to terms with loss.

Push Down, Turn: Phases of Treatment for Cancer was published in Cure Magazine Aug. 2021. The piece captures what it is like for many who live in that weird limbo that is cancer treatment (or any serious disease) in a state of cautious hopefullness.

Sometimes Yoda Makes Me Cry is a short essay about being the “keeper of the things.” Motherwell Magazine featured it on their social media in March 2021.

Feeling the Spirit of Phantom Boob Pain provides an opportunity to laugh a bit as you dive into some of the science behind breast reconstruction after cancer and the possibilities organ/tissue donors provide. It appeared in BluntMoms in Februrary 2021.

Find Peace in the Pandemic. Do Not Pickle the Eggs!  Krista’s words of advice printed BluntMoms April 2020 during the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Healing happens when you least expect it. Krista’s poessay A Story of Healing in a Dressing Room (This Iridescent Dress) popped up in Motherwell Magazine in February 2020.

Need some motivation to worship GenX Goddesses? Look no further. BluntMoms published Krista’s Super Bowl LIV: GenX Goddesses for the Win in February 2020.

Me About Me!!!! as the Featured Artist in The Rain, Party Disaster Society Literary Magazine Artist Spotlight…. Some has changed since I wrote this. Much has not. I am still obsessed with my weird belly button.

A Funny Thing Happened…

  • A lifetime of “researching” scents and other stimuli went into this piece. Krista sacrificed hours of her life on the Delt Sig dance floor so she could get 15 Ways I’m Basically a Frat House Mom right.  She smelled socks and poked her own grey matter to ferret out if the fish she smells is friend or foe. BLUNT Moms featured this essay in April 2016.
  • BLUNT Moms featured Krista’s break-up letter to the open letter format November 2015. Communication is good, except when it’s not. She hopes An Open Letter to the Open Letter Format makes you chuckle.
  • It’s the unexpected races in life that provide surprising victories and deep joy. In Flush and Mush: How I Won the Morning School Rush  Krista finds humor in the mundane frustrations of everyday life as a parent. The piece appears in Great Moments in Parenting March 2015.

…but Seriously Folks…

  • On a friendship forged, lost, rediscovered and missed- Krista’s essay Die Job was first printed in Brain,Child-Brain, Mother Magazine’s Blog in November 2014.
  • Krista explores the ambiguities of bullying and teenage play in her essay Quietly Bleeding published by Brain, Child- Bran,Mother Magazine’s Blog in January 2015 and was also promoted later by Grown and Flown in July 2015.

Like one stop shopping? You can see all three Brain, Child Magazine pieces by Krista here.

  • A bout of cleaning turns into a moment of poignancy in the flash essay Half Melted, published by Mamalode August 2015.

Krista feels honored to have both essays and poems included in The Good Men Project, especially since she’s surrounded by “good men” at home.

BluntMoms is edgy, funny and honest.

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